Connect. Balance. Heal.

Connect. Balance. Heal.Connect. Balance. Heal.Connect. Balance. Heal.

COVID19 Update

The State of Florida has lifted restrictions on elective surgery, so acupuncture offices are able to open with certain  CDC restrictions.  Our office is  compliant  with CDC recommendations for in office treatment as follows:

  •  Clients who are over 70 or clients who have  an underlying condition adversely susceptible to COVID19,,  or has any symptoms associated with the virus, we appreciate your willingness to wait until the restrictions are lifted or until 2 weeks after your symptoms to resume your therapy with us.

  • For all other clients not falling into the above categories, we are now able to see you in the clinic.  Please call or book online for your next appointment.  We look forward to seeing you.

  • UV-C  & Ozone Sterilization lights are used in every room, before and after each session and at night.

  • We only schedule one patient at a time to maintain social distancing.  You will not run into other people while here.  

  • Face masks are worn at all times.  Clients are given masks upon request.

  • Sanitary wipes and hand sanitizers are available to all clients throughout the Center. 

  • Every surface is wiped down with hospital grade Opti-Cide before and after every service.  

  •  We have passed all sanitation inspections, including the State's inspection last month. 

Fertility Patients:  The reproductive endocrinologists are back up and running and so are we  to support their patients undergoing IUI and IVF procedures with Fertility Acupuncture.   Taking new patients for the upcoming JUNE schedule. Call 904-396-3896 for questions or schedule online.

 Tele-Health Video Consults are available for our  affected clients  at home or for consult only appointments with established patients.  We go over individualized lifestyle recommendations, Dao Life Body Clock counseling, Tai Chi for health and Fertility Qigong breath work.  Learning how to harness the seasonal influences, you can  maintain your health and prevent disease.  The Qigong exercises will keep the progress we made with acupuncture therapy going during the social restrictions.  

We thank you for your patience, understanding and support while we practice social distancing to flatten the curve and protect the most vulnerable in our communities.   We look forward to serving ALL of you again, when it's safe to return.

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I'm glad you're here.

It's time to rest, learn, heal and move forward. . . Natural medicine works and I'm here to help.  Click around and learn how the ancient healing arts can help you.

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Acupuncture Works

Natural Herbs Heal

Natural Herbs Heal

Offering expert, experienced Acupuncture Therapy, Medical Qigong, & Holistic Life Coaching

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Natural Herbs Heal

Natural Herbs Heal

Natural Herbs Heal

We prescribe only professional grade, organic where possible, traditional herbal therapy.


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Natural Herbs Heal

Best of Jax Winner

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For Clients Who Can't Come Into the Office

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Tele-Medicine Video Chat

Feeling stuck at home with your life goals on hold?  

Wanting to start a family but the specialist said it's not essential...?   At Dao Life Wellness and Fertility, we don't agree.  We realize how important being healthy and starting a family is to our clients and we understand that very often, time is of the essence. 

For new or returning clients who are not able to come in for acupuncture due to COVID19 restrictions, you can still start or continue your journey by learning which lifestyle factors are causing trouble and how to change them.  No need to wait until the quarantine is over to begin making changes.  In fact, now would be a great time to get started, without leaving your home!  


QiGong Therapy and Lessons

Qigong  (Qi - means life force energy, & gong means to be skillful)  is now the new yoga, and is quickly gaining popularity for treating, pain, immunity issues, cancer, anxiety, insomnia and boosting fertility. 

You can learn and experience relaxing qigong, with Beth,  a 30 year medical qigong practitioner from the comfort of your home.   Trained by several of China's finest Qigong Masters, Beth brings a wealth of knowledge and three decades of experience.   .

Beth will teach you a series of Qigong breathing and movement exercises tailored just for your needs.  These ancient exercises are  designed to boost immunity by 15%,  while reducing stress, anxiety, & blood pressure, helping insomnia,  and easing pain.....naturally, without drugs.   

Clients enjoy the relaxing effects of practicing qigong and breathing exercise at home..   Online sessions last 30 minutes.   

Review Preview:

"Beth is a caring, compassionate

woman who works miracles with her needles and knowledge of Chinese medicine. (She is the reason I have a beautiful, brilliant, kind, compassionate & loving daughter who just turned 14 years old!)  Her "magic needles" and Chinese herbal formulas can cure a multitude of health problems! Do yourself a favor and go see her!!!"  - Amy. S., Jacksonville, FL 

"If you ever need acupuncture,

Beth is the person. Her knowledge and skill are superior. I have had a number of physical ailments and Beth has helped me feel better whenever I saw her. She is definitely worth the trip." - Jon K.  

"Beth is a miracle worker and

a highly skilled acupuncturist. I can definitely feel the difference after her treatments and I promise you will too. If you're thinking of trying it, do yourself a favor and DO IT!"  - M. G. 


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